Introduction into the New Year

The year 2016 promises change; good or bad, it matters not- only that change is imminent. And for more than just this young woman typing this out as we speak.

Maybe I should iterate. As a year-long goal, I’ve decided to write out something (anything crossing my mind, or any events and/or changes coming my way) every day for the next year. A challenge to keep my thoughts focused as I enter the last year of my higher education, and document the changes, and allow a channel for me to process and collect on the thoughts that come to exist from it.

2016 brings about the next step of entering adulthood. Where I’ll learn to stand again, and no doubt crumble or trip a few times as I make my way up a stairwell leading to a destination I presently do not know. But that’s the beauty of being alive, isn’t it? To discover the unknown, even if it simply occurs from within.

To know one’s strengths and weaknesses inside and out is a beautiful ability. One that many of us lack. I, for one, am still learning even though my twenty-third year is coming to an end. Though to make up for my faults and lacking eye of my own capabilities, I’m a small spitfire who, though cautious, is willing to tackle what need be in order to learn and better myself.

My future is in my hands, and my hands alone. How I approach it comes down to the wire of this year. My degree is obsolete here, so preparing to move when I have little money to my name helps not. Yet I won’t allow for a setback such as that to hinder what needs to be done. I will find my ground, my pace, and walk with my head held high.

A grace I’m still mastering, a dance I’m subconsciously learning the steps to. With the new year, everything comes to my own decisions. My health, my connections, my beloved ones, and my education finalized. I have choices to make, and an adventure on the horizon  that I’m approaching with every day that passes.

Ringing in the new year, I make no resolutions. Only promises to myself for situations, both known and unknown, to which I must prepare for and approach. Every day is a new breath of life, another day to be alive.

I am my own origin story. This year ends one chapter of my life; but also begins the very next.


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