Muscle Memory and Complicated Friendships

Easing myself back into yoga. I’ve missed it. It’s not easy getting back into the swing of making time for it, however if I slowly pace myself I’ll be back into a good routine in no time at all.
Funny enough I think the lack of working out is part of the ongoing headaches. I’ll take that as a sign I need to rechannel the stress I’m feeling, and focus on me time and relaxation.

It’s not as hard as I expected, though. The actual workout. My muscles seem to remember the strain, and know how much to allow before the pull becomes unbearable. My back’s loosened, too.

I’ve met several people who loathe yoga; for fear of looking ridiculous, and the lack of fast pace.

For me, it’s perfect. It doesn’t matter what you look like, but how you feel as you work your body into a flow; fluid movements between poses and stretches. It’s about breathing, and learning how to control the breath, and the mind in tangent.

For someone who suffers from a wild, genetic temper, the control is beautiful and allows for liberation, too. I don’t need anything fast paced; my mind is already whirring for most of the day.

Along with that, the day was brought on by a delightful surprise. Dinner invitation to a few of us by a very dear a friend; a real sweetheart of a guy. However one of those invited is my high school best friend. Love her to bits, but her constant unhappiness is taxing.
I want her to be happy. But in no way am I a miracle worker. And after this last semester, and broken bouts of communication, there’s been a heavy air between us.

I want my dear ones to be happy. Yet I suffer for them, because they don’t seem willing to fix their own negativity. I’m by no means perfect. I have my days where I struggle to get out of bed, too. But the suffering and abrasive one-word messages only add to my distaste of their company entirely.

Breathe. One day at a time. Keep your head up (everyone), and allow what comes to pass as it needs to.


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