Tea in the Morning

Keeps me up and going.

I love tea. Have I mentioned that yet?

No? Perhaps, maybe?

Regardless, real tea (not the Lipton stuff), energize, rejuvenates, and cleanse the system for a livelier you. Not to mention it quickly regulates the appetite, making unnecessary hunger all but vanish. (You’ll no longer be hungry all day. Rather, your system will be on track to knowing what it needs.)

Otherwise today has been quiet. Cleaning. Breaking up patches of melting snow.

My phone was going off constantly all early afternoon, however. Was quite amusing. Everyone’s asking about plans, what to do and when to do it.

Also a message wishing me (no, ensuring me), that I have a good day.

And one of my two best friends texted me all day. Was lovely to hear from her (will see her in about two weeks). Regardless…miss her so.
Got into a debate about theoretical physics, metallic tattoos, and the probability of either occurring.

I love conversations like this. My mind is stretched and worked; I feel quite good today. Yoga in a bit, perhaps.
But first going to pretty these fragile nails of mine.

Four days into the new year- and I’m feeling energized again.


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