$80 Spent. Beautifully Visible as I Am.

I managed to really do well shopping for cheaper clothing. Now I’m ready to really start forcing myself to workout and be healthier.

Crock pot.
Yoga pants.
Two tank tops.
Two workout bras.
Workout shorts.
Workout shoes.(***Not all of the above was bought today. Some I’ve had for a while.)

Now I just need to find an income to help me buy groceries. And splurge from time to time.

I hear that’s healthy. (Also bought two pairs of jeans I feel relatively good in. I’m happy.)

Five days in. I’m doing well.

People find me quite lovely currently.
I’m not being egotistical here. In fact I’m rather harsh on myself. So it’s nice to know the good in me is still showing beautifully, even though I’ve felt like isolating myself until my mind stops trying to reel.

And…thank you for calling me perfect…even though you’re so, entirely wrong.

Mixing fire with another breed of fire. I wonder what we’ll make?


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