Träum schön. And an openly breathing mind.

I had to shovel snow, again, today.

But I didn’t mind. Rather, I was in a pleasant mood today. A certain someone was on, and less harsh in their teasing than of late. So the company was nice. Talking to them is…always nice.

Reminds me that there are those who put me first; even if just their thoughts.

Words are tricky. I trip over them, when it comes to my own insides; emotions and vulnerability, and sometimes my deep thoughts. However I’m a master crafter when it comes to writing things out. Which is why I don’t always believe in what people say. I’m not paranoid. I simply know that it’s easy to coat lies in words we desperately want to hear.

Which is where tomorrow’s plans come in, and the taste in my mouth turns sour.

I’m pretentious in mannerisms. Good manners breed and bode well. Bad manners, which I find more often than not, leave me unimpressed and quite honestly turned off and silently snide.

Tomorrow, there are a few people I’m quite unimpressed by. One such had the audacity to invite people into it, without the original coordinator’s approval. That pisses me off to no end.

Next is the fact I wasn’t informed, by the friend who offered it originally, that I needed to find another ride to said event. No, I found out because I had to ask about times everyone was meeting up at.

Yet oddly enough, I’m pleasantly at peace. Classes start in about two weeks. I need to focus on those, so I can graduate beautifully, and move on into the next phase of my life.

Meanwhile, I should probably really buckle down and look for some type of work…

I’m under obligation, perhaps, to find myself a fun little red dress. And maybe some Harley Davidson ankle boots to spice up my unorthodox nature…

Träum schön~ (And I’d still look sexy as hell, and you damn well know it.)


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