Mini-Bowling. Bailing Friends.

We were supposed to go bowling.

Rather, instead we went to a fun little…er…arcade-like place. After we had to scrounge up some food. From a place with scantily-clad waitresses. (I don’t have a problem; I just couldn’t do it.)

Funny enough, the problem friend from the other day? Bailed. I’m still laughing, especially since she pissed me off quite a bit earlier. Yet I’m still seething internally.

Poor mannerisms and bad etiquette bode unwell with me.

So we ended the night with mini bowling. (I rock that better than normal bowling- my friend said it right. Our tiny hands just aren’t made for those heavy, large balls.)

Still managed to break a nail. (Typical.) But only a little bit. (Yay!)

However I’m still not doing well on a…social front, I suppose? He wants something provocatively written, and I’m in no mood or mental state to deliver. He will, in time. I owe him that much…perhaps. But it won’t be miraculously written.

Need time, and energy. Which I lack a lot of, as of late.

Had some tea. About to crawl into bed. Think it will do me well.

It keeps snowing, too. I’m fine with that. The shoveling is mindless, heavier labor. My back is loving it, actually.

Surprising, really.


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