Sons of Anarchy, and Cookies

Quite literally, my day was nothing but relaxing. (However I didn’t fall asleep until about 7:00am my time.)

Blame a certain someone for keeping my mind highly amused. Even though I wouldn’t cave about the content sent.

A day of watching nothing but Sons of Anarchy. Good music, and motorcycles.

I like my rock ‘n roll. And the sound and look of a Harley? Mmmm. It gets my blood pumping. I like my ink, I like my metal and rock, and I like a real motorcycle. So sue me, I’m picky…

Baked cookies this evening. Many a dozen. Quite tasty. Last chance I’d really get to. I leave on the 17th to head back to campus. Classes start the 20th. Not sure I’m ready, but at least I have some breathing room this semester.

Otherwise it was a nice day. No snow. Trying to get hold of a friend from my high school days. So far, no dice. But we’ll see.

It was nice, not having to talk to everyone today. Quiet days are sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

My tea should be done steeping by now…

Until tomorrow.

~ a little white dove


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