I Don’t Know You- I’mma add you on Facebook!

I had another quiet day. One week to go, then back to college for me!

I’m just “meh”ing about it right now. Not excited. Not dreading it. What I am looking forward to, though, is pushing myself to do what I need to and better both what I can do and myself as an individual.

Listened to quite a bit of music. Worried about one of my closest friends. (He and I share a very sibling-like bond; even personal space is squashed.) Which is saying something. I don’t like my personal bubble being invaded by just anyone!

Found a website with good quality, very classy clothing for women. For very good prices. I’m now hooked. And persuading every girl to check it out. [http://www.modcloth.com/]

It’s fantastic!

Other than that- here’s my mind boggle for the evening. Why do people add people onto Facebook, when they technically do not know other said person? I don’t quite understand.

I’ve done this only twice. But that was after assurance from mutual friends that they indeed were a decent person.

Now, I’m not one to post much of my personal life on Facebook (anymore). That doesn’t mean I want everyone to have access to my world, no matter how vague I’m being with shared content.

I never, ever add people that do not have mutual friends shared with me- if I do not already know that person. I would suggest to everyone to follow in that. You never know who’s on the other side of the screen in those situations. Best be careful. That is my word of wisdom. You may message and inquire who they are- but do not give out personal information without establishing they are, indeed, safe and/or hold no malice.

Drinking hot cocoa tonight. I’m being fat and eating too many cookies. One good thing about my school: full time students have free access to the gym and aerobics classes. I will take advantage of that this time around. 🙂


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