Quiet Days and Ice Melter

Just another quiet day.

More quietly sad than anything, besides contentedly quiet today. Leaving home, after finally feeling like I’m falling into a good pattern is hard. Uprooted, only to be uprooted again.

A friend of mine’s mom is going to be okay. That makes me happy. And one of my best friends is no longer panicking like she had been about financial things and the uncertainty of the future.

Me? Well, I have numerous things to worry about. But there’s really no point. Just need to keep my head up high, and show the world the fire underneath this quiet guise. That’s my best solution.

Had to rake the snow in the driveway. Not enough for me to shovel, so breaking it up in hopes that it will melt quicker. It was 2 degrees outside this morning, from what I’ve been told. I love the cold. But lately my body isn’t heating well enough to withstand the chill. Oh well. I’ll adapt as need be. I always loved autumn and winter apparel.

I should break from social media, like Facebook and Twitter for a bit. Tumbler and Pinterest, too. But we’ll see. Being on is making me lethargic, and also dependent. I don’t like it. Maybe once classes start I’ll feel energized and focused again.

Jut days to go before I reconfigure my life…again…

Adapting. When in your twenties, that’s all we can depend on as being a constant.


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