Just a Few Days Remaining

And then I’m back on campus. Ready to…well, no. I’m not quite ready for , quite possibly. my second to last semester of college for a long, long time, if ever.

But it must be done. And actually, I’m at peace with that.

I think I drove him mad today. I wouldn’t log into Skype. I was busy, which was a good enough reason in my books. Chores. Always chores.

But amused I remained.

Made me happy that he so badly wanted to see my face. I’m potentially quite sadistic. I can’t muster enough care.

Talking to one of my best friends today. Shits and giggles, y’know? Sex talks, blunt and abrasive in their content and context. It’s enlightening.

I love vulnerable honesty. Achingly open.

That’s one reason why they thought of returning to campus is so appealing. No guises. I can be as open or private as I like, without feeling obligation other tan to pass my classes.

Just a few days to go. What will be revealed?

Currently, I’m drinking a vodka tonic. One drink I’m quite good at making, if I do say so myself! My day was pleasant. Oh how I missed my home, and it’s become apparent as that familiar ache in my heart sets in.

Just a few days to go. And then I start piecing together the last days and final steps until I walk along that stage.

Just a few more days. And then it’s go time. 🙂 I can handle whatever comes my way. ❤


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