I question words all the time.

So when someone seems put off that I’m online, when they’re messaging me themselves…

Well, it triggers contemplation and serious second looks. People go from ecstatic to chat with someone, to suddenly off put by the contact.

I mean really.

In my defense, I’m always online if I’m not doing anything else. Internet addiction? Oh of course. More and more of us are guilty of it.

That doesn’t mean I’m sitting around all day hoping certain specific people are messaging me.

I’m online all the damn time for two reasons- I’m pursuing a digital-based career, and I’m exceedingly bored.

Which is why, starting this coming week, I’m going to be working out more, and avoiding my computer (and dorm room, apparently), a whole lot less.

So much to accomplish. And so much I wanna do to better myself health-wise. So we’ll see what I can accomplish…

No honey. Or anyone, for that matter. I wasn’t waiting around. I’m just incredibly bored at the present. And the internet is a cheap distraction.

I really need to work on finding better hobbies…


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