Back to Campus. Bad Drivers.

I’m safe and sound back at my college campus. And quite honestly I’d rather be back home.

Home to contemplate. Feel safe. And not pressured when I’m already teetering on edge both mentally and emotionally.

I’m livid at my roommate, who has yet to show up. (Tomorrow will prove disastrous, potentially.)

Had dinner with two friends. Was nice. I’ve missed my better friends. However I’m still restless and not boding well.

The trip back was hectic, too. Horrible drivers were out on the road today.

Tomorrow I have to rearrange the room, and find places for everything I now have in my possession in my dorm. I’m a woman, though. So don’t expect me to sacrifice my clothes and shoes. It’s the crockpot and school supplies I need to find places for.

Fantastic. A potential fight and chores.

Oh well. It’s inevitable at this point.

May tomorrow prove better to me than I’m anticipating.

Don’t lose your cool, if it can be helped.


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