Reckless, Foolish, Oblivious

Got out of the dorm for a while today. I needed it. Then again, I also spent the night elsewhere. (At a friend’s apartment. I’m not that low!!)

Though he was wary of that fact. Men who have found a female of interest, I’m finding the dynamic quite strange. Part of me is shaking my head, laughing internally. The primal, carnal side is pleased and softened. To know that he wants you, and while will not say it, is anxious when you spend time in the presence of another. Deep down, many women are drawn to this. It shows loyalty, and good strong qualities for a potential life-mate.

Ah, I’m rambling.

Sweetheart know that you’re the one these eyes of mine are only seeing in the present time.

Roommate came back today. Called her out on something. Her excuse without batting an eyelash… She was sick? With a cold? So what! You can still toss it all on the way out the door.

Yet she’s completely oblivious to why I’m tense around her now.

Day ended well, regardless. Good company, pleasant thoughts, and a bit of naughtiness thrown in for enjoyment’s sake as distance separates us still.

I’m reckless, cautious, and I tend to space out. I’m no fool. What goes on around me is simply a reflection on lies people build to shy away from living with risks.

I’m opening up, day by day, to taking my chances. I don’t want to survive. I want to live. took a nostalgic trip down memory lane today. With it, a can of emotions swarming around let loose. But it all went…nicely. Perfect company, perfectly imperfect words to say.

Keep me grounded, just don’t clip my wings. ❤


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