System Upset. Quiet Company.

Classes started today across campus. But this lucky little gal didn’t have to attend any. My only in-class attendance is on Tuesday and Thursday each week, from 1:10pm my time until about 2:35pm. It’s fantastic.

Well, it would be more so…if I could rest. Haven’t been sleeping well since I got back to school. Nor have I finished reorganizing. I just can’t be bothered. Maybe after next week, I’ll be alright and up and ready to go.

Today I was exhausted and my system just felt off. So that was a blow to any productivity that I had planned.

Had some really nice company. Didn’t have to talk the entire time. But small conversations here and there? It was nice. And needed. And made me understand our situation a bit better, and what is there.

Roommate needed a good cry between that. And though I’m not her biggest fan, I was at peace and had no qualms of being her rock in that moment.

I enjoy being there to keep people from breaking further, or at least holding the pieces that have cracked and fallen while they pull themselves back together.

But…it was also nice having someone take the time just to spend even a quiet moment with me.

Ended the day with food less healthy (again). And walking an hour to, and an hour from, the store.

My feet are killing me to the bone. But it was nice being out. Less time devoted to worries. More time to reflect and ponder, instead.


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