Lazy Days and Late Skype Sessions

I’m curious to know why this little pup keeps finding the ticklish spots on the backs of my legs…

Otherwise a lazy day, and four hours of sleep. Accompanied by a late Skype session; yet I won’t hold a grudge, seeing as it was the highlight of my day. Such good company…and we click so well. Bizarre how that works sometimes, no? (The strawberries though…)

Certain things on a professional/personal level on hold until we can figure out how to buy a domain name.

Instead- we watched cartoons and Ghost Adventures. (I hate modern cartoons…the style is lazy and the content lacks substance.)

Going back to campus Monday or Tuesday. (Likely Tuesday…) With that, will be on my toes until Wednesday, a break, then back to being on top 0f my game. So much to do, in such little time. But I’m ready for the challenge.

I’m ready. I need the challenge. Bring it on, bring the fire. I’ll come out dancing with those flames.


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