January 27th

Well. It came, and it passed me by.

Significance? Well, it is the day I was born. So I suppose this entry should detail me a bit more, no?

I am a 24 year old woman, living in the Southwest USA. I was born in California this day, in 1992. Moved to Florida approximately six months later. Six years after that, moved to the forgotten state of New Mexico, where I currently reside as I finish up school.

I’m 5’4″. Caucasian with brown eyes and wildly curly hair. Agnostic atheist, and independent in terms of politics. My body shape is curvy. My skin is affected by a slew of issues I’m currently trying to correct with sugaring and coconut oil. (If it works, I’ll update!)

I am the only daughter (and child) to a free-thinking woman with a quiet, sweet demeanor that turns a 180 if you piss her off. I inherited a wide slew of mental instability and temperament issues. Though my family line isn’t dimwitted (primarily…). We’re an intelligent line. Just unstable.

I have depression, triggered by the fact that my dad passed away a decade ago, now.

I love dogs. Cats are okay. But having a parent deathly allergic to them did not allow me to raise/bond with them. So dogs… Puppies are my go to. ❤ Especially the giant breeds. I’ve had two dogs; a golden retriever and a Great Dane. I’ve also had fish (all died by shoving their heads between the rocks in their habitat…), and I’ve had a chinchilla.

I like tea. Not the Lipton brand we all know well. I like real tea leaves and teabags.

My favorite workout is yoga. Though I’m currently in pursuit of finding and sticking to a good cardio. I’d love to dance, but until I tone down all of my squish (ack), I’d best to shape and strengthen and tone.

I also love horseback riding and hiking. I love the outdoors. I hate bugs. So camping is iffy.

I was born in winter (obviously). I get lethargic in the summer heat. Autumn and winter are my times of the year.

My favorite holiday is Christmas, for nostalgia’s sake. Valentine’s Day is a joke. Halloween is quirky, but has its merits. St. Patrick’s Day is also a joke, but the booze is fun.

I’m musically challenged. And I can’t sing. I’d be in college for composing if I had an inkling of talent in that department.

I’m currently finishing up my bachelor’s degree in Animation and Visual Effects…primarily in the 2D department. If all goes well, I graduate this December!

I’ve wanted to move out of the United States for roughly 6 years now. A change of pace…

I’m apparently highly attractive to men outside of my own country…go figure.

I don’t do sports. Don’t particularly like them, either. Though I do watch hockey…

The one feature I have that I love, are my eyes. Brown they may be, but the shape and the color really are lovely… I got lucky, for a change. Not to mention my eyesight is very, very sharp.

I have three piercings; two ear (each), and the right side of my nose is pierced. I’m also inked twice, with many more designs and plans coming up.

I enjoy walks around campus. My university is small, but well worth the time to explore. Very pretty place.

I enjoy small towns and back roads, rather than rushing and efficiency to get from point A to point B.

I have no siblings. No pets currently. Just a mother that loves me. And I’m perfectly happy with that.

We have issues with family at the present time. Has been that way since 2010 if not earlier. Stemmed from stupidity and the inability to correct their own misery. Lovely, no?

I like mellow activities. My competitive streak isn’t pretty, nor safe.

I enjoy rain, snow, and sunlight. Just depends on the day. I’m an evening/night owl. Mornings I have a hard time rolling out of bed. I love stars. Astronomy, astrology. I love it all. We are made of starlight, after all.

I’m not sure I want to be a parent one day. I’m 24. I’m not ready to be that much of an adult. Nothing wrong if someone is up for it! But for me? I need time to still stabilize myself and explore my identity, especially once I finally graduate and am free of school.

I attract men outside of my own country. Americans don’t often bat an eye, or if they do they don’t act on it. I like courtship. I enjoy companionship and having someone go out of their way to show me I’m worth the time. I invest all of my time in people I care about, to the point of nearly breaking myself. Not a happy medium there.

My future career is wrapped around pre-production and post-production in media. I’m a co-founder of an independent media company; still in the works. That means draft work, more draft work, marketing, and advertisement.

I enjoy painting my nails. And I don’t wear much makeup. Which works. What you see, is really what you get.

I love metal and rock music, orchestra, acoustic guitars, cello, piano…

I’m terrified of being completely alone. I also can’t swim, due to panic driven by the inability to breathe properly. I’m cautious by nature. I also can synthesize a situation and give multiple outcomes and the likelihood of each conclusion.

My mind and independence scare a lot of people. I don’t give off a vibe of needing anyone. I’m not about to change that…

I have two best friends I love above all else (besides my mom). Four brother figures (only two of which would kick someone’s ass for me). And a flirty complication to the country north of me.

I’m easily content, but am picky about what I have/get involved with. I’m picky with food, clothes, and company. However when I have my comforts, I’m solid. ❤

I’m a mess. An Aquarius influenced by Capricorn. Raised by a Pisces. Overly cautious and abrasively reckless.

I am me; a child of the universe. I’m my own beginning, though. And it’s a beautiful mosaic for me to continue piecing together.


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