Dresses and Copious Laughter

I slept in, which lead to about two hours of being completely bummed. I was supposed to catch someone, but I slept so long they had to go. I can’t tell if they feel miffed at me or no. If they do, we’re backtracking steps and I don’t want to deal with that.

However, by 5:00pm my time, the day improved. I’ve learned I wear a size 12 in several dresses. I can’t stand that. I’m not depressed, though… Rather, we all had a good laugh about needing to be healthier.

I start hitting the gym tomorrow. 11:00am. Many of us are going together. Will prove to be a…well, an interesting time. I start free workout classes this week at the gym on campus. I’m taking up yoga on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. And I’m taking up spin classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cardio to burn the fat and stabilize my knees, yoga for strength and flexibility.

I’m getting my loan refund back on February 10th. I’m about to make a cup of tea to flush whatever I keep eating out of my system. Will make a list of something to make next week. On the 4th, I can start shopping for more yoga pants (left my new pair at home… 😥 )

I can burn this all away. I just need to get off of my ass and work at it.

I’ve sent in two more job applications. Am applying for some type of healthcare coverage.

I’m on track. I just need to keep bettering myself. I have what it takes. Tomorrow shines bright. I just need to keep at it.

One day, at a time.


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