Two Changes

I’m starting up two changes for myself, on top of working out and trying to eat better.

Skincare and hair removal on the body.

I have something akin to psoriasis. Nothing painful or unbearably itchy. Just patches of very, very blotchy and dry skin (yes, discolored), around the armpits and under my breasts. I’ve had them for years. I’ve been self conscious about them too, however now I’m fighting to correct it the best I can. So I’ve started applying coconut oil as a way to counteract it. And from what I’ve read, this stuff is just a damn cure for anything! (Organic, cold pressed, etc. It works. I can vouch for oil pulling of the teeth; it does help strengthen the teeth and overall improve the feel of the mouth. I just stupidly stopped doing it…)

I’m also an unlucky lady by having quite a bit of longer body hair. So, I’m starting sugaring- akin to waxing, but natural and much less likely to damage then skin. Plus, it’s said to kill the follicle without repercussions and stop hairgrowth! Pricey? A bit. However I’m desperate. This is the year I change me for my own comfort. I have arm hair, belly hair, facial hair. It’s all nasty in my eyes. (I’m flattered if anyone thinks otherwise, but this is my flesh I’m stuck in, so allow me to try and do what feels right…)

I’ll update on any and all changes. (: Good and/or bad.

I also did an hour’s worth of yoga. Not super extensive. But enough to feel it in my hips and to loosen my back.

I’ll go for a walk around my campus tomorrow, I think. Yoga class Monday. Cardio I start on Tuesday.

I’m on my way. Just need to press on and let these changes happen naturally. And they will.

(And everyone is being fickle today, I swear…)


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