Really, that’s all I was today.

Messaging for an hour in the late morning left me tired after the other party left. I was left with no motivation. Yet oddly enough by the evening, I did get a good chunk of an assignment done. I was pleased with that, and how simple it’s turning out to be.

I’ve been snacking. Not even hungry. Just…bored. So I’m going back to yoga come the morrow, if I can wake up. With the rest of the day, I hope to get some me time in, and hopefully get some work done too.

Otherwise, a tired Sunday with not much else to report.


Restless Days

Not much to report. We were all tired. And just needed a day away from campus for a bit. So we hightailed it to the mall.

Where we spent several hours perusing and browsing. Mostly my roommate and our friend hunting for pokemon memorabilia. While I simply was glad to be out. And then it slowly deteriorated as the night progressed. Because we locked ourselves out of our own dorm. So I had to talk to the front office. (My roommate always has her keys. Yet I ended up paying for her anyway for yogurt. I’m a little miffed.)

We were doing so well. Now I’m unimpressed. Her behavior took another step backwards…

I swear it’s karma biting me in the ass for the shenanigans I’ve been up to with him. But damn if it’s not worth it…

He’s supposed to be home. But yet he’s online and a bit drunk. Not sure what to make of that, other than I’m amused and too tired.

Have a busy next few days with homework. We’ll see how this fairs. I’m getting done though. I’m getting there. 🙂

~ a little white dove


I keep doing the things I said I wouldn’t. And a little risque as well. But damn if I’m not enjoying this ride.

I’ve given a tease here and there, but the morning I was even more so. Leaving a speechless, desired gaze following me no doubt.

Then I slept.

And my entire day was suddenly gone. Then coffee… (Butterscotch and coffee? Quite delectable!)

And here I am, for round two of this game.

Alcohol, Good Company, Understandings

It’s strange. Tonight was fantastic. Everyone was…happy.

I’m also clumsy, and always knock everything over. Oops.

But understandings were met. And everyone is alright. So much still to do, but babysteps will ensure we get there in due time.

Still drinking. Maybe behaving a little risque. But in the end, I’m having some harmless fun. I’m 24, for god-sake. Let me live a little. Let me explore a little.

After all. I’m human.


Days of Rest

Mean I start to get things done. Which I needed. My voice started to ebb again. Having a hard time talking, and trying to stay off what meds I can.

One of my favorite things to watch online are time lapse videos of cities.

I watched one of a few places I’d like to pass through, next year.

If my degree check looks clear, and I get my summer job again…I should be on the route to do just that come early 2017.

But I won’t focus too heavily on any of that. One day at a time is where I should prioritize my focus.

One day. At a time. And allow for rest where I can. And calm.

~ a little white dove

I Slept Through My Alarm…Again

My body is too good at this shit.

See, this is why I need human contact to wake up. It sucks. But even totally sleep deprived, I will wake up to someone incessantly nagging at me. Or poking at me. Hell, even a cold, wet puppy noes will do the trick.

At least I fell asleep (fully) after my class. Left my mom worried…again. Had a slew of texts…again. Woke up just before midnight, now I’m here debating if I should bother going to talk to my teacher or not. Not like he can knock me down in grades…yet.

I’ll just explain to him my health and family issues popped up that I wasn’t expecting.

In the meantime, I’m exhausted and would rather sleep than continue to work…yet I’m also tuned into what I need to do…just not how to word it.

I need a vacation. Florida Keys, anyone??

(Still rockin’ this hoodie, by the way…so warm.)

A Gift I Expected

But yet didn’t.

An Assassin’s hoodie. Black and red. “Black Forest”. Now I’m officially titled “Black Forest BBCakes”, and my god do I love it. ❤

Otherwise got hw. And quite honestly it could be better, could be worse. c:

But I’m doing alright. Everything’s alright. 🙂

High all Weekend

On medication.

Literally. Nothing was accomplished.

But downing 8 cups of tea a day, and one real meal, will drop your weight real quick. It’s almost worrisome. If I didn’t feel healthy otherwise (excluding the allergy issue), then I’d be worried and seeing a doctor…

Oh- I’m approved for Medicaid. So…that’s new. I suppose.

I don’t know. Just gonna try and get hw done as quickly as I can…

Laryngitis, Guaranteed!

Well, I woke up unable to speak at all this morning. Though, I’d been expecting to lose my voice for a few days now. Got myself onto sudafed, forgot it makes me quite high. Then again, taking it all the time like I had to as a kid probably made me immune during the time to such side effects.

Regardless, I was in an alright mood, once my right ear popped and released a lot of the pressure and the pain within it and the adjoining section of my throat. While not 100% better, I’m on the way to recovery…as much as allergies will allow me.

Yes, that’s right. Allergy induced laryngitis. Lovely, ain’t it just?

I got affection from someone special today, who I wasn’t expecting to see online. In part it’s due to the challenge that I wouldn’t send them hearts. Though the affection was genuine of its own accord. Stubbornness breeds playfulness in many cases, too.

Went to the pub for dinner. Interesting unfolding of events. Let’s just say… Ladies? Stick to natural makeup. I guarantee any real man will find you beautiful just as you are. By no means am I saying don’t have some fun, and let your artistic side(s) shine- just don’t expect to land a good man at the bar, especially while wearing makeup better suited for a cheap clown.

And honey…while I’m all for women’s empowerment, and the ability to wear whatever it is we all so choose…there’s still a thing called tact. Flaunt it or don’t. Don’t be throwing yourself around in a shredded dress exposing a less than sexy bra, and tripping in heels you couldn’t walk in even while sober.

Yes yes- I’m a bitch. So sue me. But I believe that there is a thing called public etiquette. And I, quite frankly, see it far too often.

Oh well. Alles gut, ja?

~ a little white dove

Laryngitis? Perhaps.

Woke up unable to talk. What an interesting development! My right ear hurts too, but I don’t feel…”germy”. I blatantly remember what colds and other illnesses feel like. I’m still acutely aware of whats going on around me. I’m still alert. Ear hurts, though.

I just can’t talk now.

And funny thing earlier, too… (off topic)…

The few in the world, recognize the look of a man in love. The older generation, with its tact and mannerisms, still recognizes the softness and genuine thing.

I’m currently downing yet another cup of tea, so my mom doesn’t make a trip down here to my school just to kick my ass. Gonna try and flush whatever is going on out of my system- allergy or otherwise.

Either way. One day at a time? Gonna have to.