Quiet Day, Resting Without Troubles

I got the evening to myself. Before that, I woke up late (skipped yoga, too much pain in the muscles above my knees), and watched ridiculous things on Netflix with my roommate.

I think the time with her made her happy.

Then a certain someone called on Skype.

I swear she and I need to have a chat. We’ve needed to before winter break. Regardless, it’s 2016 and it all needs to change. She and I part ways this May. And while that’ll hurt us both, I already know what’s to come after graduation (for both of us). While she graduates first, she needs to realize and be prepared to fight for the career she wants; for the life she wants.

It worries me…

Anyway. Got to talk to them again. It was nice. I wasn’t expecting it. Still somewhat wary, but that’s due to my cautious nature. Roll with it and what comes.

I’m pretty damn sure I want to quit Facebook again for a bit. Nothing but drama and boring, boring things.

Didn’t get any homework done. Lucky me, it’s not due for a few days still.

Tomorrow I’m hitting the gym on campus with my brother-surrogate. Maybe my roommate and a mutual friend are willing to come again. Who knows. Then homework. I just need it all turned in. That’s all. Gotta push to pass…no other choice…

Almost there. I’m almost there.

(Also, I hate the Broncos. 😀 Suck it.)


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