Superbowl Sunday

A long, long walk. And petting puppy dogs. Those were my highlights of the day. I don’t care much for football. I’d been hoping Denver would lose. My hopes were crushed there…

My brother figure brought me cookies today. Had promised me some before the incident last night. However, he then stuck around to make sure I was okay.

Roommate was mad that I’d left her alone at half time. I’d intended to return. But I just lost track of time, and needed to vent to someone who understood. Doesn’t help she can’t stand him, either…

Called home a little bit go. It was nice to talk to my mom. ❤

Biology doesn’t mean a lick in this family. I’ve known that for ages now… Still ridiculous.

I’m fine though. I have yoga at noon. Eventually finish homework. Just steps at a time…

My refund needs to come through. I need to buy more St. John’s Wort… This bout of depression is kicking me in the ass for sure.


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