Blood Is Thicker Than Water

However, a very good friend of mine made a very beautiful, honest point.

“Yes, but water can wash it away.”

Blood means nothing, when there is intolerance, attitude, spite, and martyr cards being thrown left and right.

I cannot stand a good portion of my blood family. I haven’t been able to for years. I learned that those who choose to stay earn the title of family, rather than genetics. Those who choose to stay, despite all the possible bad that can be thrown their way, are worth every ounce of your time.

I called out my cousin in a private message.

I’m washing my hands of this. Though when the try and encroach (all of them), they will see the typhoon I am.

I am a very dangerous young woman. I’m well aware. Sweet and kind and willing to do what I can to protect who I can from the bad, but I’m also unyielding, cold, and calculative. I will break what stands in my way, in a variety of possible tactics that will leave them shattered in pieces beyond repair.

I am dangerous. I am conscious of this. Which makes me more so a force to be reckoned with.

Until then, I’ll walk away like I should have done four years ago.


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