What Is It?

More like, “what is love!?”

That was my entire morning. A sloppy mess of no sleep and a Skype call that left two parties too damn happy.

Because we’re both fucking crazy. And it’s weird. And things like this at 5am are weird and bizarre but it was real and awkward and we could not stop LAUGHING.

And it’s easy. And messy. And imperfect. And hard. A mosaic coming together by two parties that really just don’t understand what it is they’re doing.

definitely don’t know what I’m doing.

“I love you,” mouthed to me and it made me feel cool and warm and… Like it was all okay. And you saw what you needed to see and your eyes lit up and your smile couldn’t dissipate.

One of these days I’ll shock you. Beyond just the way I smile at you. And the day we come into proximity of each other? Best be careful. We’re a dangerous pair, after all.

“Fuck! We’re in love.”


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