Laryngitis? Perhaps.

Woke up unable to talk. What an interesting development! My right ear hurts too, but I don’t feel…”germy”. I blatantly remember what colds and other illnesses feel like. I’m still acutely aware of whats going on around me. I’m still alert. Ear hurts, though.

I just can’t talk now.

And funny thing earlier, too… (off topic)…

The few in the world, recognize the look of a man in love. The older generation, with its tact and mannerisms, still recognizes the softness and genuine thing.

I’m currently downing yet another cup of tea, so my mom doesn’t make a trip down here to my school just to kick my ass. Gonna try and flush whatever is going on out of my system- allergy or otherwise.

Either way. One day at a time? Gonna have to.


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