Laryngitis, Guaranteed!

Well, I woke up unable to speak at all this morning. Though, I’d been expecting to lose my voice for a few days now. Got myself onto sudafed, forgot it makes me quite high. Then again, taking it all the time like I had to as a kid probably made me immune during the time to such side effects.

Regardless, I was in an alright mood, once my right ear popped and released a lot of the pressure and the pain within it and the adjoining section of my throat. While not 100% better, I’m on the way to recovery…as much as allergies will allow me.

Yes, that’s right. Allergy induced laryngitis. Lovely, ain’t it just?

I got affection from someone special today, who I wasn’t expecting to see online. In part it’s due to the challenge that I wouldn’t send them hearts. Though the affection was genuine of its own accord. Stubbornness breeds playfulness in many cases, too.

Went to the pub for dinner. Interesting unfolding of events. Let’s just say… Ladies? Stick to natural makeup. I guarantee any real man will find you beautiful just as you are. By no means am I saying don’t have some fun, and let your artistic side(s) shine- just don’t expect to land a good man at the bar, especially while wearing makeup better suited for a cheap clown.

And honey…while I’m all for women’s empowerment, and the ability to wear whatever it is we all so choose…there’s still a thing called tact. Flaunt it or don’t. Don’t be throwing yourself around in a shredded dress exposing a less than sexy bra, and tripping in heels you couldn’t walk in even while sober.

Yes yes- I’m a bitch. So sue me. But I believe that there is a thing called public etiquette. And I, quite frankly, see it far too often.

Oh well. Alles gut, ja?

~ a little white dove


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