I Slept Through My Alarm…Again

My body is too good at this shit.

See, this is why I need human contact to wake up. It sucks. But even totally sleep deprived, I will wake up to someone incessantly nagging at me. Or poking at me. Hell, even a cold, wet puppy noes will do the trick.

At least I fell asleep (fully) after my class. Left my mom worried…again. Had a slew of texts…again. Woke up just before midnight, now I’m here debating if I should bother going to talk to my teacher or not. Not like he can knock me down in grades…yet.

I’ll just explain to him my health and family issues popped up that I wasn’t expecting.

In the meantime, I’m exhausted and would rather sleep than continue to work…yet I’m also tuned into what I need to do…just not how to word it.

I need a vacation. Florida Keys, anyone??

(Still rockin’ this hoodie, by the way…so warm.)


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