I was promised beer. Then something came up, and friend suddenly had something come up. A little worrisome, but I’ll wait to see what transpired.

Unexpected call today on Skype. But it was a nice conversation.Silliness. A little risque. And some deep understanding that passed over.

Meanwhile this evening I nitpicked an assignment. Oops. Oh well. I just want this semester to be over. I just…want to be done. But one day at a time. That’s all it’ll take. Just one day at a time. Meanwhile I nitpick at everything.

Oh- new drawing tablet finally in my possession! A Huion 1060P+ pro series, 10 inches by 6.5. Will install later this week, and get going with some artwork finally!

Otherwise. Quiet night. Quiet day. Did some yoga, jogged for a few minutes… And again, three cups of tea now I’ve downed.


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