Small Musings

I have so much to do, and so little time to do any of it.

Tomorrow I have to call about my Medicaid. I technically have it now…but the state I live in wants “confirmation” or whatever that I live where I say I do. Which makes no sense. I confirmed it. What? Do I need to show up to the health services department and show ID now, too?

Catching up on homework. I’m happy about that. Tired, but happy. I can get things done in the next few months. And hopefully score my summer job again. I’ve (finally) been granted work study at my university. So off to job hunt I go…again. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep truckin’ along, getting things done- one way or another.

Got to talk to my special someone today. It was nice. Up until closing time, when they had to vacate the library.

Tomorrow, though, I get a day off from everyone. So I’m quite happy about that.

But I need a vacuum to clean this filthy room. So disappointed…and disgusted…

Oh well. All will be well. All is under way.

~ a little white dove


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