Quiet Day

Met with my teacher (good news is I’m doing fine and have leeway to keep at what it is I’m doing). Then proceeded to clean. Almost all day.

Gave sugaring another try, too. It’s…hard. I shaved today, in hopes maybe Friday that’ll go better. (Including arms.) It’s just going to take a lot of work, patience, and practice. That’s all.

Organized over half of my side of my dorm, though! And did laundry. So I feel more at ease. I think that’s been part of my restless demeanor since I returned for the semester- the cluttered mess, and the filthy floor. God was it disgusting, our floor…

But it’s nice and clean in here now. I even got a new lotion to try. Citrus mint scent. It’s nice. And will hold me over (hopefully), until I can get some more Gold Bond.

I’m still doing oil. In some ways, it’s helping. I think I need to keep switching between oils and good lotions. As well as lose weight, and tone.

But hey- good news is losing the weight is easy. Now I just need to tone.

Did yoga today. I’ve retained muscle memory, so that’s good. Just so much tension and weakness in my poor legs. 😥

Quiet day, though. It was nice. And needed. ❤


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