I meant to be.

But I slept in late. Then found a lot of music I couldn’t stop listening to. Some discussions. Then my roommate came back (without telling me her plans), bringing our friend along. Then said friend invited me to dinner. Which turned out to be a mistake on my part, as my roommate’s behavior became obnoxious quickly and I ended up paying more than I intended (only by a few dollars, but still), due to communication issues.

There’s a reason I’m rather reluctant and reclusive around many people. I seem to repeatedly let the wrong people in.


Did some yoga awhile after I came back. The other two went goofing off. Meanwhile I took a shower after, and am currently sending way too many messages to someone on Skype, while trying to decide if organizing would be a good idea or no.

Hoping a certain someone is okay. 🙂

And I hit the gym in the morning. At 11:30am. Oh what fun. Afterwards, spending my day talking to my mom for her birthday, and possibly a party tomorrow night. We’ll see, though.

Good company is hard to find these days…

~ a little dove of white


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