First Try at this Routine

Not a bad day at all. Even though waking up was less than fun. And forcing myself to jog was torture on my ankles (for once, not the knees!); I’d say all in all, a success.

Called home today. It was nice to hear from my mom. And to know she’s doing well. Though back home is riddled with pollen, it’s nice and quiet. That makes me happy to know such information.

Meanwhile here I am, unmotivated to be in school, and wondering if I need to rethink/rework my senior project. If that’s the case, well I’ve no qualm. Just another hurdle to pass over. I don’t mind the challenge. I’d just love for copious amounts of motivation to fall into my lap!

Otherwise, it was a day where everyone was tired. For once, I do not need to be in the animation lab for a strenuous amount of homework. For once, I’m kind of free for the weekend.

What’s currently grinding my irritation, besides inconsistencies in appetite and the current nagging of a sweet tooth. Meanwhile, I’m forcing myself to go at it in a new workout. BUT it’s going alright so far. But I’ll need to really push it tomorrow.

Spring is my least favorite season, in case anyone was wondering. Allergies.

Hunting for chocolate and/or donuts tomorrow, and possibly stuff to make dinner. I’m slowly adjusting to a new set of routines.

However currently, I’m about to try and reorganize the rest of my things. A put together environment makes for a happy me!


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