Cooked All Day

Which is why I’m so late in writing this.

However, it all turned out fairly well! Three chicken dishes, one of which a soup, the other two pastas. Lesson learned- don’t start noodles too early, make sure you grabbed mozzarella cheese (not monterey jack cheese- though hey, it turned out well anyway!), and get more sauce.

Otherwise, I can successfully cook without killing anyone, or burn any kitchens in the process.

Now we have too many leftovers (hardly…healthy eating yay!), and now…if only I could stop eating these pastries and stuff…

Woes of a sweet tooth…

Also in the early morning, found out a certain someone wasn’t doing well emotionally. Had me worried. So I did my best to better the situation. But having over 2,300 miles between us in distance makes it hard.

I just hope I did well enough, and did all I could…

~a little dove of white


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