Twisted Ankle Hours After Jogging

An odd day, I’d say. But I managed through it without much fuss. 😉

Aced a quiz (first 10/10 this semester!), and proceeded to understand the tech behind lighting in Maya. Now, this next assignment will be a bit of a dozy. Luckily, next week is spring break, so plenty of time to work on it!

I’ve found more tutorials to work on next week too. So I’ve been alright productive-wise. Could be better, but it could also be substantially worse. By this weekend, though, I need to get my senior project figured out.

People have been behaving oddly around me. Evasive, even. It’s starting to irritate me. I’m kind, I get the brunt end of the stick. I’m a bitch, I still get the brunt end. Really, I can’t win. So I’m throwing my arms up (again), and off to do my own thing. I’m tired of these inconsistent games. Either decide, or cut me loose. I’ve too much to do, too much I want to accomplish and see.

Don’t be wasting my time. It’s ticking by, and I really fucking hate it. It’s precious, and can’t be taken back.

Onto other news. I did yoga. I did jogging. 13 minutes of jogging, split into two increments. Irony is, I hurt my ankle hours later. Out of nowhere, my right ankle buckled out from under me (on GRAVEL, mind you!), and I took a small tumble. The rest of me is fine. The ankle is iffy. We’ll see in the morning how it fairs.

Progress is slowly getting where I need it to be. Day by day. The time is ticking by, as the days go passed.

And soon enough, this time will be nothing else but a ghost of a memory. Either way- today strives for tomorrow. But not without realizing the joys still abundant in the smallest forms.

~ a little white dove



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