In Pain

All day I’ve been dealing with an ache in my foot. It’s swollen around the front, opposite of the ankle. From protruding bone to protruding bone. (Nothing is broken, so I’m quite happy with that!)

But I cannot pivot, which is bad, and my walk has a natural sway that is currently not doing me any favors in terms of the poor foot. Rather, it’s made me realize how my legs behave in my stride, down to the feet. There is a swivel to keep balance. Fascinating. No wonder my sway is meant for a dancer.

I didn’t have to meet up with a teacher today, which I’m grateful for. I was in just too much pain. Then I stupidly hobbled (sorta) to get a burrito. Of which filled me the entire day.

Forced myself to eat while at dinner. Mostly drank. I needed the alcohol to numb the pain. It did the trick, though. And I was finally rid of the 18 hour ache I’d been suffering through.

It was part of the reason I didn’t sleep well last night.

Hoping to be on my game before the weekend. Looking at tickets for a concert (last minute). The prices are steep now. Debating on how worth it it is…

But oh, if it wouldn’t be fun!


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