Drinking at 2PM

So Saturday. That was my Saturday. After my bout of depression and a mini break down. Had plans to hit the gym. That didn’t happen. It’s closed! What, just because it’s Spring Break, that means even our campus activity center ceases operation!?


So we walked down to the stables (my brother and I), and I just stood, in the wind, watching cattle and horses and I felt peace. Depressed. But peace.

So then we proceeded to (me hobble) head over to the pub. And then I napped.

We’d planned on getting frozen yogurt. But nope! Slept too long. So then showered, and we hit the gas station and spent just under $50 altogether on junk food.And then we had a movie night. Roommate came back pissy. And we continued watching a really stupid movie. Of which, I got my guy to watch too.

And I couldn’t stop laughing.


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