Tequila from a Long Island Iced Tea

Another round of bitching! This time Long Island Iced Teas…so that means tequila.

Oh boy.

Turns out, women are constantly jealous of me. I’ve no idea why. They’re skeptical of my LDR. They don’t find me prettier than them. They think I’m fucking my brother figure. They also have it in their noggin’ that I’m less qualified than any of them in our program.

Now tell me, how petty is all of this?

Because, to be quite honest, I’m really sick of this petty bullshit.

Yes. I’m in a long distance relationship.

Yes. I have C-cup breasts. I’m also quite curvy all around. I have hips made for childbirth, without being so wide as to cause an accident in the shopping aisles. I didn’t ask for the body I have. Neither did I ask for the autoimmune and possible hormonal imbalance issues.

I can vouch that yes, I’m more attractive than a vast majority of the (small number of girls- yes, GIRLS, not women) in the program I’m in, in college.

And it all comes down to attitude. No, I’m not super model gorgeous. I’m flawed, clumsy, quirky, and quiet. I like my privacy. I like my space. I like my independence. I have crooked teeth, too! And imperfect skin.

Get your heads out of your asses. I’m real sick and tired of you thinking your conforming to teachers’ words, and narrow mindedness are garnering you any favors. I’m sorry, but once you graduate no one’s going to hold your hand.

I’m capable of walking alone. I’m capable of standing on my own. That’s the journey. The adventure. Learning about yourself and living life. I don’t care about my career. I want to be free to be me, and to live my life without anymore regrets. I want to be happy. Success is a side perk, if it comes my way. If not, I’ll continue to grow and explore. Maybe a family at my side, maybe not.

As to how I landed my man? (Yes, man. Not a boy. A man.)

Y’all should probably ask HIM. Though he’ll more than likely mention my brown, brown eyes and my smile. The curly hair just turns him on all the more. As do the curves.

And he’s appreciative of my intellect and view points.

But what do I know? I’m just a whore, apparently!

But hey. I’m not one to brag. I’m just content to have him in my life, and put up with my insecurities.

I didn’t ask for my shortcomings, nor my strengths. I’m just appreciative of the obstacles and the lessons and capabilities I’ve been granted.

~a dove of white


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