3 Beers In

Just to calm down.

Woke up aggravated. And it only escalated. Nothing serious. However it was enough to irritate me, and keep me feeling like a ticking time bomb.

I’ve also inhaled too much junk food. Lucky me, I start back on my healthy diet tomorrow. Lots of tea.

I’m not even hungry. I’m just that bored…

And I work out tomorrow, again. Pulling an all nighter for an assignment due Tuesday. Had all break, didn’t do a damn thing. Oops.

I’m regretting my decisions as I type. Especially as I watch a file suddenly peak over 250k KB….


So much regret.

My roommate comes back Monday. Not sure how I feel about that.

And I’m still under a slew of “everyone’s ignoring me” behavior. We’ll see how the week plays out…


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