I Just Can’t

I can’t get my head into the game. So I’m on crunch time.

I feel stressed.

I feel anxious.

And I’m very agitated and feel like the epitome of a ticking time bomb.

I’m so tired of things be dumped onto me. Of pressure from every corner.

It’s days like that, that I had yesterday, that make me want to shut everything down, and wipe anyway to find or track me.

Fuck social media.

Fuck the state I live in.

Fuck most of the people I know.

I’m tired. Can’t anyone tell, that I’m tired? So tired. So done. The one blessing graduation will bring me, is the ability to leave without a second’s hesitation.

I’ll bounce back. I always do.

But for now, I’ll keep crumbling underneath the weight being subjected to me.

~ a little white dove


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