Tequila and I

I’m becoming close to tequila. We have an understanding relationship. I do not bode well with 85%+ of the human population, and my boyfriend is 2,300+ miles away. So the stress is taxing.

I expect a conniption from my mother by the time summer vacation rolls around. Oh that’ll be fun.

But I have tequila, and my best friend’s number to bombard with texts. Not to mention vodka and good quality beer also do me in.

T0morrow I’m back to homework. But my roommate’s birthday was today/tonight. Hence the alcohol. I do not like the people she invited, for so many varying reasons.

Also a full moon. Today felt a bit more normal. Still some tension. But with my guy, we’re kind of okay. I want to watch us unfold. So I’m being patient. šŸ™‚

Maybe not smart. But what is life without risk, no?

Anyway. To anyone reading this- do not use alcohol like I do. A tingling depressant. Especially tequila. Oh hell. It’ll hand you your ass…

Wise words of life from this small young woman,

~ a dove of white


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