Day Away From Alcohol

I felt like crap upon waking up. What was meant to be 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep became six hours and my stomach feeling sour all day.

What detracted even more, was the fact I felt even worse after eating something.

So tomorrow I’m sticking to soup.

My brother wanted to go out drinking tonight, after having finally cracked the night prior. Life, school, responsibilities. It’s all taxing. He finally cracked. But today he was doing better.

Good news on my end, still loved and adored. To my chagrin.He was sweet to me, and a pain in the ass. My special someone. But to be fair, that’s just how he and I roll…

And most of the girls in my academic program still loathe me. I can’t be controlled. And my opinions are “erratic” to their poor minds.

Yet I’m fine. Out of nowhere, my roommate is spending the night with a mutual friend of ours. Again…

Whatever. I have a quiet evening/morning ahead of me. 🙂

May tomorrow bring me peace. Oh! And found a potential resource to keep me ahead of the other students, when it comes to 2D Animation Senior Project.

I’m horrible for not telling them about it, but chances are they’ll find out. Now, the question remains if they will attempt to master it or no.

Until tomorrow, I s’pose…

~a dove of white



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