Relenting a Smidgen

Just a tad.

There need not be any specifics. Just that I’m not so chicken shit as people like to assume.

Yes. I’m cautious. And conservative in my behavior. (Independent in politics.) However I am naturally curious. And shit happens. Nothing’s in my control. So why not rock it where I can justify it, and be in control of myself when I can.

Otherwise, enjoy the ride. Life is fleeting. It is short. It is hideous. It is painful. It is beautiful.

I’ll take some risks. More than so many people, I can attest to that much.

No, you won’t understand how my mind works sometimes. Don’t try to pick it apart to understand. Let it wash over you without trying to dissect it.

I’ll always throw someone through a loop. I warn the world. Then they seem so shocked when I do.

I digress. The world is a fickle, callous place.

~ a dove of white


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