New Tablet, Livestreams, and Lazy Days

Finally got my new drawing tablet installed. It’s quite nice. Taking some getting used to. However, I’m satisfied! I’m back to drawing now. Which is a good feat. I’m not doing too shabby, either.

I don’t know. Things are clicking for me and what I’m doing right now. It’s a small miracle. I need all the practice I can manage. However, I’m on my way.

Didn’t work out like I should have. Instead I got absorbed by a Roller Coaster Tycoon World stream of the exclusive content. (So buggy, but the nostalgia trip. <3)

Then Final Fantasy XV got me back on the hype train. By far, they are truly pushing to make this a damn memorable/salable game.

And it reinvigorated my drive into the field of media.

Crap. 😀

So here I am. About to shower perhaps. Waiting for League of Legends to download. (BLAME HIM.)

Ah well. Just part of the deal, I s’pose. 😉


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