Last Decisions

My school career is finally coming to a close. One semester left. I’ve been given the slip to take the second course to finish my senior project. There’s a portfolio development class I’m planning on signing up for, too.

Unfortunately for me, I’m not fond of the instructor. However, I’ll manage. It’s a good class for me to focus and prep for what’s to come post-graduation. My opinion of them could change. I hope so.

I’m exhausted right now. Too little sleep, too much stress. And in about 10 hours I have class. And in an hour and a half, I have registration.

I’m also missing another class.

I just don’t know what to take. I’m done with everything I could possibly need or want to take.

However, my instructor currently did suggest I take up one of my classes this semester again. I might take them up on that. It would allow for me to keep focusing on utilizing After Effects and polishing my work this semester for a presentable reel by December.

Quite possibly due to my exhaustion, but a quiet washed over me today, especially as I was talking to my mom later in the evening.

All I’ve known is school. And I’m so tired of it. But soon…

Well, I’ll be free of it.

I took two years off after I graduated high school. But always, always, I had the intention and understanding that I would return to school through college.

Now, though… I’m reaching a point of total freedom. It’s the final piece I’m preparing to meet face to face. And then, I’m leaving the past of me behind. Not abandoned. But preserved in my memory to remain for me to come back to in reminiscence.

So here I am, preparing to say goodbye and hello to myself in one go. And I’m not catching a break until December. I have to start preparing plans, documents, costs. Where it is I have opportunity, where it is I want to be.

Here isn’t an option. It never was. I have an entire world at hand, or I will very soon. Even with a $30,000 debt calling me next year, I have endless choices, potentially…

I just need to take the plunge. To start aiming for those stars above my head.

I’ll take up one of them. And oh…how beautiful it will be. ❤

It’s not about some specific career. It’s about living a life of happiness from here on, and taking the road laid out and messy before me.

I’m feeling so, so quiet. But it’s beautiful, even through the headache and fatigue washing over me.

It’s something preciously fragile and exquisite. ❤


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