Through Exhaustion, Persevere

How I managed to stay awake during class today is beyond me. But I was functioning, troubleshooting, and understanding the assignment we started working on today quite well. Which is…only a little surprising…?

I don’t know. I don’t give my intelligence enough credit sometimes.

I have two classes now registered. I need to choose one more, and then I am set. However, I do have time. Tomorrow I may see if I can find a teacher I had last semester. I owe her a visit, anyway. Maybe she’ll give me some insight…

I’ve been tired today. Barely ate anything. Heart didn’t feel quite right, and I’m cold. This isn’t uncommon, though. I don’t feel high blood pressure, but rather the opposite. My pulse is kind of fluttering, and not in the way of butterflies. But my system is trying to fix itself and fall apart at the same time.

Which is why I’ll allow myself to sleep and rest and recover. Let rest recover my system, my body, my brain. Things will be clearer, better conceived and more likely to be implemented accurately.

It’s all stepping stones. Challenging my perseverance and determination. I’m down to months now, to get what I need to done.

(And randomly calling me at night…you seemed to miss my face though…hm…)

Let sleep cradle me tonight. ❤

~ a little white dove


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