I now have a few more people on my case about “not taking precautions to protect myself” when I’m out and about at night.

To be fair I could be doing better. To be more fair, I’m not completely unprepared. I know how to aim a good blow and protect myself until help arrives or I get in a good hit (or three). I use my keys between my fingers when I’m walking the whole minute from the very obvious building to my dorm right out in the open…

So I laugh at their grumpiness. All because I’m not holding my pepper spray instead…that I keep forgetting I own.

Otherwise quiet day. Didn’t get enough done homework wise, but that’s expected. Pulled something in the left socket of my pelvis, and my left foot. So I’m back on injury lane! (Nothing severe, just minor aches. Will be fine by Monday I’ve no doubt.)

Would have rather been out in the sun today. But woe is me and my constant stream of homework…

Summer I’ll catch up on my leisures…until I’m employed…somewhere…

Wishing all good thoughts. I’m not so negative these days. Just a little tired…

What are you feeling content with? I’d like to know. 🙂

~ a little white dove


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