Texturing and Boredom

Quite literally…I’m just bored.

Being slow in my attempts to get back into a regular routine with yoga and any other type of workout I can muster. (I need to be hitting weights and something for my legs- but who has the time!?)

Health is still better and improving over many right now…which is quite strange. I need to buy some more tea, and cheap groceries soon…

Current 3D assignment is simply texturing via maps and playing with settings. Mine is turning out alright so far, at least!

Otherwise a busy week all around. State taxes. Friend coming into town. Waiting and stressing over a job I applied for and still hope I get again. And of course, constant homework.

Otherwise, I’m bored. I’m at least going to stretch out my poor back before I crawl into bed and sleep for awhile.

Good evening and good morning. ❤

~ a little white dove


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