Sitting Back in Shorts

Enjoying a mild spring day before I dive into more homework. I’m a gal of the autumn and winter, make no mistake. šŸ˜‰ However the calm spring days, where the weather is fair and calm and the sun is bright without being painfully so…

They are vitalizing.

Now, that doesn’t mean I called about the job I’m worried over (just started too late in the day, and decided to relax rather than stress.) So much to do, and I’d rather calm myself and relish in the beautiful day instead. ā¤

To which I did. I stretched. I curved. I walked. I jogged (really need to find another cardio. This one isn’t helping my shins…)

And then homework time came around as the clock continued to tick the day away…

And it went just fine. There was laughter. An annoying student that honestly needs to be knocked off his high horse…

And laughter. I’m doing well. Not perfect, but well enough that I’m confident that I can tack these skillsets onto a resume later on, and portfolio.

Now the clouds have rolled in. It’s beautiful, even in the wee hours of the morning.

It’s a been a beautiful day. ā¤


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