Feeling the Cool Air Engulf Me

It’s bringing a calm that’s washing over and draping me in a blanket.

I’m also seeing a squirrel digging outside, but that’s really nothing of substantial importance. Just that it is spring, and it’s nice out right now.

I’m feeling a cool calm envelope me today. It’s absolutely wonderful, especially as it quashes the discomfort from my period. Which, apparently, kept me up last night and didn’t allow for sleep. No discomfort. No pain. No blood. Just honest restlessness I couldn’t shake.

Otherwise, woke up (after light slumbering) to rain off and on lightly tapping away at concrete. Post shower, it was coming down more frequently. It was a beautiful sight and sound to hear.

Trudged through my day, with good praise for my plane’s textures and the lighting wasn’t too bad.

For an hour this evening I laid in bed, trying to bypass the discomfort. Ate crappy food later on…will not do again any time soon.

Disappointed in the inability to move today. Wanted to stretch, and start a new workout…but I’m just not in a position to today.

The cool and the quiet is enveloping me in comfort…and loneliness. I’m fine.

Just a little lonely. Isn’t that the norm for so many of us nowadays, though…?

Drowning in an abyss, while floating along the surface…

~ a little white dove


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