Busy, Busy Bee

What more can I say?

Friend is in town. His normal self. Our friend spoiled me. And woke up to…

Mom buying me a new phone? Okay…?

What a strange day.

Getting panels done slowly for my senior project. Went for a walk with my brother. Got to see part of the new buildings on campus. They really did a nice job on them- the architecture, in my opinion, is quite lovely indeed.

Going out for drinks with a friend of mine…which is how I’ll come back to this in a bit.

Random. Psychopathic. I’m not sure how to describe it. Nothing’s changed among people I know back home. And nothing’s changed about how I feel about that.

I’m feeling oddly alone again. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation and stress. I’m not feeling physically well, either. What I need is rest. Long, long rest. And healthy food consisting of good greens and lean protein.

I’m still working on balance. It’s hell. But I’ve nothing else to do but persevere.

It’s been an odd day. Still waiting for the sense to kick in…but even so, I’m not waiting on bated breath for that to come my way anytime soon.

I wish I could be in his arms. But even he disappeared on me again.

I’m a busy busy queen bee… And I really fucking hate it.


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