“He/She/They is/are Still Trying to Figure Things Out”

You have no idea how much that string of words together irritates me. I didn’t realize it until earlier today.

My roommate was talking to someone in her family about one of her friends. And how “is still figuring things out”. When I know this guy. Smart, charming…completely unpredictable and unreliable to get hold of more than half the time. However…the man is no dumby. He’s sharp. Driven when he feels like it. With a set ideal on the world he’s willing to dream up in his head.

He’s not “figuring it out”. He’s doing as he pleases, until bored.

I digress. He’s “her” friend more so than my own.

My friend staying Saturday took off by about noon. Spent more time with someone else down in the town near mine. Lovely, no?

Again, not a priority. When am I ever someone’s priority?

So brother and I took off for this earth day fair…thing. Just vendors and music. Should have stayed longer, but a cup of potato soup was calling…and coffee. Proceeded to get very little done- I’m still totally lost in this assignment this week for my Light Shade Render class. I’m gonna have to wing it tonight. No other choice.

I finally did figure out what the levels of skin I needed, at least, to paint out…


Wish me luck.


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